About PoSH Act
  1. What is PoSH?
  2. The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 is a legislative act in India that seeks to protect women from sexual harassment at their place of work. All organisations with more than 10 employees, need to be compliant to this Act. For more details read:



  3. Why should an organisation be compliant?
    • Avoid impact on company’s credibility arising out of non-compliance to the Act
    • Provide a better and safer work culture among employees
    • Failure to comply may lead to a fine up to INR50,000 and further consequences.
  4. What are the 5 key steps for basic Compliance?
    • Create: Sexual Harassment Policy in compliance with the Act.
    • Setup: Internal Committee (IC) as per guidelines and should be empowered to prevent and redress complaints.
    • Awareness: Training for Employees, Managers, IC members – Awareness on the Act, Complaints and Redressal mechanisms.
    • Display – Posters in conspicuous places to be displayed at all branches
    • Report – Statutory Annual reporting of the cases filed and action taken should be reported to the concerned authorities.
  5. How will PoSH benefit my team members/employees?
  6. PoSH Act compliance, helps to

    • Create a safer workplace and a positive work culture
    • Enhances the productivity among your employees.
    • Safeguards your brand
    • Protect you from legal implications

    About KelpHR
  7. How long has KelpHR been in this space?
  8. KelpHR is in the field of creating Safe and inclusive workplace for more than 6 years now.

  9. Who are some of your top clients?
  10. We have worked 450+ clients across India. We have trained more than 2 lakh employees across India in the last 6 years. Please visit https://www.kelphr.com/our-happy-clients-kelphr.html for client related information.

    About Packages
  11. As a start-up, which package is ideal for my company?
  12. Please refer the various packages listed. You may call us, if you wish to speak to an expert for guidance.

  13. Post the completion of package can I renew it?
  14. Yes the packages can be renewed by send us the mail at orders@kelphr.com

  15. Are the products delivered online?
  16. Products like posters, policy documents, annual returns templates will be personalised and delivered digitally. Regarding session related products, the team will get back to you within 2 working days.

  17. What if I do not like the product, can I return or exchange?
  18. We have been catering to the needs of 450+ clients over the last 6 years and provide the best of solutions to suit the client needs. We would be happy to discuss and understand if you do not like our delivery. Contact us at orders@kelphr.com, or call us at +91 9500129652

  19. How will Policy , Posters, Annual reports be delivered?
  20. Our subject matter expert will reach out to you for customisation and customised version will be delivered to you over email.

  21. What is the role of external member?
  22. External member will help you share industry best practices to prevent sexual harassment. They will also help you to handle inquiry of complaints and in case report writing.

    About Training
  23. What is the training methodology for class room sessions?
  24. There are 3 types of learning. Classroom sessions, Online interactive sessions and eLearning modules. Customer can chose the product based on their need.

  25. Who are the trainers? And what are their qualifications?
  26. Trainers are KelpHR empanelled, subject matter experts with more than 12 years of experience each.

  27. Is there any difference between classroom sessions and online interactive sessions?
  28. Once the product is bought, our team will contact you directly and arrange a day for classroom session where KelpHR member will be in person at the location for the session. Online session will be conducted through video conference and employees across different locations can join the call.

  29. What are the activities involved in these sessions?
  30. Role play, Case scenario based Games and activities will be part of the session.

  31. How long does a single session go for?
  32. Employee and managers session can be for 1 hour or 3 hrs based on the package and can be customised to suit the business needs. Internal committee sessions are for 6 hours to 8 hours.

  33. Do you train PoSH Internal committee members as well?
  34. Yes, we do train the committee members as well. Write to us at orders@kelphr.com

  35. How can I enrol myself and my employees>
  36. Once the package is bought our team will get back to you in 2 working days. The process will be explained and date and time will be fixed for the session.

    About Payment
  37. How do I make payment?
  38. By adding the product to the cart you can check out and make payment or write to us orders@kelphr.com. We would raise invoice and then deliver the product.

  39. My Payment is stuck, I did not get a confirmation. What do I do?
  40. You can reach out to us with the screen shot at orders@kelphr.com or wait till 00:00 hrs, sometimes there can be issue from the bank.

  41. I am unable to pay online. Can you raise an invoice and I can pay offline?
  42. You can write to us orders@kelphr.com. We would raise invoice and you can pay by cheque as well.

    Contact KelpHR
  43. How can I contact KelpHR?
  44. Contact us at orders@kelphr.com, or call us at +91 9500129652