Build a PoSH compliant work environment at a blazing pace

IC Awareness Online (Webinar) 6 hours split in 2 days 3 hours each (10- 15 Persons)


The team can connect remotely on a cloud based app where a KelpHR Consultant will conduct a session.

Day 1

Know the law – By the word, spirit and practically

Various concepts which includes understanding of SH, Forms & Types, Role of employees, managers and employer, Workplace

What do we really mean by Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal? Aspect of Confidentiality, Malicious Intent complaints.

Day 2

Role of IC, Presiding Officer, Understanding IC composition, Responsibility, Various cases and concepts IC could come across, How to use various templates, process or handling complaints, investigation skills. How to write a Report, Case studies and Scenarios.

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